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Divorce and family law disputes are tough on everybody, especially children. It is important for parents to get to a better place in their lives, but it is also important to consider the needs and interests of their children.

I am Robert K. Famulener, a Walnut Creek attorney and certified family law specialist with more than 30 years of legal experience. I work closely with both parents to help reach resolutions that always keep the best interests of the children in mind. To learn more, contact me online or call 925-478-5686 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Dedicated Representation In All Child-Related Family Law Issues

I am committed to providing compassionate, understanding representation to families who are faced with a wide range of child-related family law issues, including:

Child custody and visitation: In most cases, it is important to develop a parenting plan that will enable the child to have ongoing and frequent contact with both parents. Whether you are seeking sole or joint custody, I can help you reach an agreement that everyone can live with.

Child support: Child support is determined by using statutory guidelines that take into account a number of different factors. The financial reality of maintaining a household under one income is a source of great stress for most parents who are going through a divorce. Using the statutory guidelines as a starting point, I can help you understand what to expect and let you know how to prepare for the future.

Post-judgment modifications: Not every aspect of a divorce decree is set in stone. If you have experienced a substantial change in your life's circumstances, you may need to modify your current child support and/or child custody plan. I also represent parents whose ex is seeking a modification to a divorce agreement.

Establishing parentage: There are any number of reasons why both mothers and potential fathers wish to establish parentage or paternity. For fathers, establishing that you are the biological parent of a child enables you to assert your parental rights to custody and parenting time. Mothers may wish to establish paternity to help ensure that they receive the financial support to which they are entitled. Regardless of your personal reasons, I will protect your interests in all paternity matters.

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As a lawyer, I understand what it takes to help you reach a successful resolution. As a parent, I understand what you are going through. I am prepared to put my experience to work for you. Contact me online or call 925-478-5686 for an initial consultation.