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Each parent plays an essential role in their child's life. The court recognizes this and bases its parenting plan decisions and standards on this belief. As your lawyer, I strive to help you work out a parenting plan solution that:

  • Achieves your goals
  • Fosters a smooth transition
  • Minimizes conflict
  • Presents the possibility for both parents to co-parent effectively
  • Allows for continued strong bonds with both parents

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Seek Realistic Parenting Time Plans That Allows for Both Parents' Participation

As a parent who has gone through divorce, I understand how hard it can be to face so many unknowns. As your lawyer, I know how important it is to help you focus on parenting time solutions that allow for the child to spend a substantial amount of time with both parents.

Unless the father or the mother of your child is deemed legally unfit to parent because of an abuse or an addiction issue, the courts encourage ongoing frequent and continuing contact with both parents according to what is in the best interests of the child.

Carefully Negotiated Parenting Time Plan Or Skilled Litigation

Your custody and visitation agreement must be carefully drafted. Without both parents' agreeing on legal custody and physical custody — whether custody is temporary or permanent, sole, supervised or joint, or where the children will live if a parent moves out of the area — a judge will make the decision for you with the assistance of a mediator, an evaluator or other professional.

The trouble with this scenario is that it costs you more money in court fees, attorney fees and it also removes the control from your hands and places it in the hands of someone you do not know — the judge.

Skilled in Solutions-Oriented Negotiations

Clients appreciate my ability to seek and engage in constructive, solutions-oriented discussions. My skills in negotiation and mediation takes on increasing importance when it comes to fostering agreements relating to complex property division matters and child custody, time sharing and parenting plans.

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