Modifications After Judgment In Walnut Creek

Even the best divorce lawyer in California cannot predict the future. Sometimes circumstances in your life or the life of your former spouse change so much after a divorce decree is issued that one of you may seek a divorce judgment modification.

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As a divorce lawyer in family law practice for more than 30 years, I seek to take into account every possibility relating to a divorce settlement. However, there are situations that no one can predict that necessitate returning to court to change the order.

Modifications Of Your Divorce Decree With An Experienced Contra Costa County Attorney's Help

People seek modifications in the final order of a divorce judgment for reasons that include:

  • Sudden accidents where a parent is disabled or injured and no longer able to care for themselves or the children
  • Job loss or promotion that involves a significant change in finances
  • A move to another state involving changes in custodial arrangements
  • Post-judgment discovery of an undisclosed/hidden asset or debt
  • Any "change in circumstances" regarding child support, spousal support or child custody and parenting time/visitation

For a number of reasons, there may need to be changes in child custody or visitation, or a need for stepparent adoption after a judgment. In very limited situations, the division of
property or debt may also need to be modified. I, Robert Famulener, will carefully analyze your situation and help you through any modification issue that arises.

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