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In the last half-century, the definition of "family" has expanded considerably. It may not only be a mother, father and two children, but there are now "blended" families because of divorce, remarriage, adoption and cohabitation without marrying.

Partners who cohabit live lives similar to married couples. They may have children with each other or bring children from other relationships. They will acquire property and assets, and debts. Unfortunately, many relationships do not last, and separating raises issues similar to couples divorcing in the traditional sense.

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Establishing Your Rights Throughout Contra Costa County

California does not recognize common-law marriage, but the parties have rights that can and should be established, sometimes in court. Mediation is a worthwhile method of dispute resolution. It saves time and expense, and has other advantages as well.

As with marriage, parties bring more or less property into a relationship. When those funds are commingled, it may require a forensic accountant to separate out who is entitled to what. Even support may be an issue with cohabiting couples if one party put a career on hold to support the other, "palimony," like alimony, may be due.

Cohabitation Law And Issues That Arise

Child custody and visitation are peculiar issues when couples are unmarried. For example, if one partner has a child from an earlier relationship, and the other partner establishes a close bond with the child, what rights does that partner have? Legally, his or her position is not as strong as a biological parent or legal guardian. But practically, it may be in the best interest of the child to maintain such an established relationship.

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