Community Property Division Lawyer Handling Complex Business Valuation And Retirement Matters In Contra Costa County

California law requires you and your spouse to disclose to the other the value of every asset and debt, whether community or separate property. Community property must be divided equitably among marital partners in a divorce.

As a family law attorney for more than two decades in Walnut Creek, I have fairly resolved property division matters for clients with fairly large marital estates, including those with professional practices (doctors, dentists, accountants and lawyers), family businesses, multiple real estate interests and other investment and financial assets, as well as retirement accounts, 401(k)s and pensions including qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs).

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Effective Solutions For Complex Property Division Matters In Contra Costa County

Reaching an accurate determination of the value and proper division of community property and separate property interests is essential to a fair settlement or judgment. California has some valuation practices that are unique to the state, and I have an extensive understanding of the law and how to value business assets and property in a manner that protects your rights.

There are also complexities in valuing and dividing employment benefits and retirement plans such as a 401(k) plan, a public or private pension plan, a stock option plan, a deferred compensation plan, etc. Every family law client should be informed of the potential advantages and disadvantages of division of these benefits and plans to best fit
his or her unique situation.

Handling Complex Marital Estate Division

My name is Robert K. Famulener, and I am a Walnut Creek attorney who has been handling complex professional practice and business valuations in high net worth divorces for more than 30 years. My goal as your lawyer is to:

  • Accurately assess the value of a professional or business practice, calling on experienced and thorough financial experts as needed
  • Protect the involved professional or business asset and its integrity
  • Seek to preserve its ability to generate income through the property division process and beyond

Addressing Your Concerns

  • How can I save my business?
  • How can I make sure that my children and I are provided for?
  • How can I find a balanced solution that will work?

My goal is to work with my clients to reach a fair value, drawing on my 30-plus years of knowledge and experience representing clients in similar situations, together with a network of property appraisers, forensic accountants and other professionals.

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