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In my more than 30 years of legal experience, I have seen that the more amicable your divorce can be, the less likely you are to wind up in court involved in litigation.

If your lawyer is not skilled in negotiating and overcoming obstacles to a settlement, it can be all too easy for conflicts over parenting, support or community property division to overshadow the hope of coming to a negotiated, workable divorce judgment.

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Avoiding Litigation And Protecting Children In The Contra Costa Area

Conflict becomes costly in court and it takes the control out of your hands and gives it to the judge. It is harder on children and may make it hard for you to co-parent effectively after divorce.

As a family law attorney with more than two decades of legal experience and a person who has been through divorce, I understand how hard the process can be on you, on your finances and on your children. Mediation can help to minimize costly and protracted custody and property division battles.

Certified Family Law Specialist By The State Bar Of California Board Of Legal Specialization

I am certified as a Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. This is an achievement earned from staying current with changing laws and cases, testing, experience litigating and mediating family law matters and the favorable recommendations of judges and my legal peers. In addition to this achievement, I have separately take over 40 hours of specialized training in mediating family law disputes.

You and your spouse can retain me as your mediator to help you and your spouse work through all the different aspects and issues of your divorce together. If you have already hired a mediator, you can hire me to consult with you as you go through the mediation process and to review your mediated settlement agreement before you sign it.

Mediation Provides Independence, Privacy And Participation

Mediation gives parties to a dissolution of marriage or legal separation far more independence in de terming one, may or all of the issues raised by divorce - how they want their assets and debts divided; how they want child custody to be set up and resolving support issues.

Mediated agreements tend to be more beneficial to both parties because they have each vested a part of themselves directly into the terms of the agreement as opposed to litigating through lawyers and having a judge make a decision that neither of them may agree with.

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