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A Prenuptial Agreement or Premarital Agreement gives some people pause: is it a prediction of divorce? No, it is not. It serves both parties with numerous important purposes. For a Prenuptial Agreement or Premarital Agreement to be effective, it must comply with certain legal time limits and notice and disclosure requirements prior to the marriage. It can
not be left to the last moment.

A written agreement complying with certain legal requirements can set forth predictable property divisions and other outcomes in the unlikely event that a divorce occurs.

Normally, when spouses divorce, child custody, spousal support, property division and other matters are negotiated or litigated in court under stressful conditions where:

  • The outcome is hard to predict;
  • A judge who does not know you makes the decisions; and
  • The process is time-consuming and expensive, often significantly reducing the assets of the parties.

Outcomes can be much more predictable with a simple agreement beforehand. The agreement must be generally fair. It can't be "sprung" on the other party on the wedding day. You must be honest in what you own, with what you may owe, and with what you are bringing into the marriage.

We are all capable of making assumptions about our future and our marital plans. Discussing and executing a Prenuptial Agreement can clarify that future and put minds at ease. With a little advance planning and expense today, the parties can provide a more predictable future for themselves and save substantial expenses in the future in the unlikely event of a divorce.

If you are bringing significant assets into your marriage, or expect a large inheritance, it is wise to discuss asset protection and a prenuptial agreement with an experienced family law attorney.

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