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California is a community property state. This means that all property or debt that you acquire during the marriage is community property. Each spouse has a one-half interest in community property. This may include an interest in a house, retirement plan or professional practice.

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How your property is divided can significantly affect your lifestyle going forward after a divorce. At the Law Office of Robert K. Famulener, I bring more than two decades of experience to each property division and family law matter that I handle.

I address all concerns that my clients have, including issues such as:

  • Will the kids and I be able to stay in the house on just one salary?
  • How will we divide our debt?
  • Is there a way to negotiate rather than fight about every last item?
  • How can we divide the business while still keeping it sustainable?

Separate Property In A Marriage

Separate property is recognized in California. It is property or debt acquired by an individual before marriage or after separation, or property received by an individual spouse during the marriage by inheritance or gift. Separate property belongs to the spouse individually.

Distinguishing separate property and community property can be a complicated process. Whether a spouse may still be entitled to his or her separate property interest in an asset and the value of that interest must be carefully analyzed.

If you are considering divorce, even if you are confident your divorce will be amicable, it makes sense to contact a skilled lawyer to help you understand the implications of every decision you make and to help determine whether you are receiving a fair share of the community and separate property.

Community Property Debt Allocation

Another major consideration in divorce and property division is the question of which spouse will be required to pay which credit card or other debt. For couples who are in debt, these decisions can be just as important as those involving property division.

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