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Spousal support, commonly referred to as alimony, is very complicated in California. The formula used here is the most complex one of any state in the United States. People on either side of a spousal support matter are often misinformed and anxious about how spousal support will affect their future.

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Representing A Wide Range Of Clients From All Walks Of Life In Contra Costa County

At my family law office in California, I have had the opportunity to represent a wide range of clients from virtually every income level and earning capacity, with simple and complex tax issues, both wage earners, retirees, professionals, and large and small business owners, with any number of minor children.

People have many questions, including:

  • How long can I receive spousal support?
  • Does the length of my marriage matter?
  • How much must I pay in alimony?
  • How can I provide for my children and myself now that there is only one main wage earner?
  • How will my interests be protected and how do I obtain a settlement that is fair?

What Are Temporary And Permanent Spousal Support?

Initially, when you file for divorce, one spouse can seek temporary spousal support based on specific needs. This determination is made based on a formula in California statutes. The amount is not permanent, but meant to support one spouse throughout the entire divorce process.

Permanent alimony is figured differently than temporary spousal support. The amount and length of permanent support depends on your attorney's ability to analyze what is called the marital standard of living in the context of more than 15 factors set forth in the California Family Law Code and numerous court decisions. At my law firm, you can rely on my decades of family law experience to fully analyze your situation and explain your options.

Skilled And Resourceful In Representing Clients' Interests

Judges have much more discretion in determining permanent alimony as opposed to the more stringent legal guidelines they must follow in determining child support and temporary alimony. Presenting the best evidence supporting a client's position in a logical and understandable manner results in favorable decisions by judges.

Whether you are attempting to limit the amount you are required to pay or you wish to stabilize your finances after a divorce by increasing support, you can rely on me for guidance and presenting the best arguments to the court to support your position. I am an experienced and certified family law specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

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