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In my work as a divorce lawyer, I often find that people tend to overlook the tax consequences of a divorce. I will not let that happen with you. As an attorney with more than 30 years' experience in complex marital estate division in a divorce, I know that dealing with tax aspects of dissolution must be given close attention, and when necessary, to recommend that my client consult with a certified public accountant well-versed in family law tax consequences.

My goal is to review your financial settlement from the tax perspective and to help you make strategic decisions that can preserve as much of your financial situation as is possible.

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Managing the Tax Hit After a Divorce: Contra Costa Area Lawyer Working With Accounting Professionals

In high-asset divorces, minimizing tax consequences of a divorce is important and it is a fairly complicated matter, requiring a lawyer to recommend a certified public accountant who is familiar with the tax issues and consequences of divorce and property division. I have worked with several such accountants who provide excellent advice to my clients.

Division of stock options, QDROs and pensions is a fairly complicated matter. I carefully look at every aspect of the divorce and proposed spousal support and property division settlement that may affect my client and his or her tax burden, including:

  • Are the stock options vested or not vested and how will that affect a settlement?
  • Does it make sense to divide the stock options or to buy the other spouse out?
  • What are the implications of selling your joint home?
  • How will capital gains from a house sale affect your settlement?
  • Do you have equity in your home?
  • What is the most advantageous manner to analyze and value sole professional practices?

Limit Exposure To Litigation And Enforce Your Rights

At my Walnut Creek firm, I seek to limit my client's exposure to litigation while fully enforcing his or her rights to a fair and equitable settlement. I help clients understand what their responsibilities and their rights are with regard to financial matters.

Non-disclosed assets and debt can cause problems that can linger long after you are divorced and result in a modification. I help clients do it right the first time so that they can avoid problems down the road and be in the best possible position as they move on with their lives.

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