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Retaining a Certified Specialist in Family Law

Maximize Your Ability to Achieve Your Goals

Whether you are thinking of filing for divorce yourself, or your spouse has already notified you of an intent to file, I have the experience and the skills to help you make the choices today that will enable you to achieve your goals in any family law action. Contact me with your questions and concerns.

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Financial and property division issues in a divorce can be very contentious and lead to expensive litigation. As a lawyer, I am committed to assisting my clients in understanding that the decisions made today can have a significant impact on future income, assets, debts, relationship with children and family, and overall quality of life.

As an attorney, I think it is important to show my clients how the consequences of one course of action will compare to another course of action. I know this helps my clients make better, wiser and longer-lasting divorce settlement decisions during what is often an emotional and stressful life transition.

Take the Mystery Out of Court Proceedings and Give the Power Back to You

I work to take the mystery out of court proceedings including hearings involving temporary custody and support orders. I make sure my clients know what all the court documents and family law forms pertaining to their case mean and what effect they may have on all the issues in their family law matter.

Certified Family Law Specialist

Being certified as a family law specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization means that I have extensive experience successfully handling legal matters for clients in family law and that I have successfully completed extra training, trial work, review by my peers, including judges and those on the opposing side of a divorce, as competent, ethical and qualified in this area of the law. It means you can trust me with your concerns.

My Divorce Experience Helps Me Understand What My Clients Go Through

My personal divorce experience as a divorced spouse helps me understand the emotional and financial turmoil that my clients face. As a loving and committed parent, I understand the special pressures which divorce places on parents and children. My goal as a family law attorney is to obtain positive results for my clients, so they can build a new future for themselves and their families.

Cost Effective Alternatives to Litigation — Mediation

When parties are beginning to dissolve their marriage, they should consider hiring a mediator to mediate their dispute, rather than jumping immediately into litigation. If I act as your mediator, I cannot represent either party. This can be a cost effective solution to a long contentious court battle. I have acted as a mediator for many parties in resolving their divorce issues and bringing divorce to a successful solution.

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